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Product used in the steel industry to manufacture long products: bars, pipes and other structural forms.


It is the most common semi finished steel. After the melting, the slabs are used in the steel industry for the manufacture of flat products. Used for producing Hot Rolled Coils (H.R.C.) and industrial plates.


Commercial Bars                

Crude iron that mixed with scrap in electric furnace produces steel.

H Beams                   

Symmetrical beams where the dimensions of the height and width are equal or nearly equal. Particular characteristics provide durability, flexibility and resistance. They are used mainly in heavy steel structures (bridges, buildings, engineering works, civil engineering works, etc

Hot Rolled Flats

Constituted of carbon, manganese, this is a product used for general purpose, merchant quality steel that is suitable for forming and welding.

Reinforcing / Deformed Bars

Also produced from billets, and presented tied up. Used in Construction.

Wire Rods

Produced from the billets, wire rods are presented in coils and have a rounded form. Used in different industrial areas and construction: wire mesh, wire, nails, etc.


CRC (Cold Rolled Coil)

Cold rolled material passes through a cold rolling process.

Thanks to this process, the product gains a higher precision, achieving very thin thicknesses. Used for Metal plates, automobiles, tubes, construction, electric motors, metallic furniture, household appliances.

HRC (Hot Rolled Coil)                    

Hot rolled coil is the simplest product.

Thanks to its wide range of thickness, it is used in the industrial and construction sector.

Used for Metallic structures, containers, tubes, construction, automobile and shipping industry.

HDG (Hot Dipped Galvanized)

Hot Dipped Galvanized is obtained by covering steel sheets on both sides in zinc, which makes it highly resistant to corrosion. Used for Automobile industry, roofing for industrial warehouses, air conditioning channels, structural frames, panels, household appliances, etc.

PPGI (Prepainted and Coated)

Produced in continuous line, this product can be used without additional surface treatment. It can be supplied with various base metals, including cold rolled, galvanized, sheets coated with a mixture of aluminium, tin, lead and others.



Consist of a thin sheet of steel, coated on both sides by tin and protected by a thin film of oil. Food cans, aerosols, industrial containers for paint and oil, etc.

Tin Mill Black Plate

Cold rolled non-coated, lightly gauged steel (from 0.19 mm to 0.35 mm). The basic tin mill product from which all other tin mill products are made, by adding a chrome or tin coating. Ideal for laminated products and with a wide range of links and coatings: light fixtures, shelves, picture frames, batteries, etc.

Tin Free Steel (TFS)                       

Steel with a chrome coating which is later covered in lubricating oil.

Widely used in the container industry, in the manufacturing of cans and beverages.